Marina Yulis

My name is Marina Yulis and I am a qualified translator and interpreter based in Paris. My working languages are English, Russian, French and Spanish.

After having graduated from Moscow State University with a Masters degree, I also obtained a French university diploma from Assas University in Paris and a Masters in Applied Foreign Languages from Paris 12 University.

I have extensive knowledge of subjects as varied as international business, logistics, customs and excise procedures, banking, international law, e-commerce and marketing. I can therefore guarantee quality interpreting and translation services.

Before meeting my clients, I always study any documents they have sent me prior to our meeting, so that I fully understand their line of work and the vocabulary that is specific to their sector of activity.

Translation services in Paris for your business

Do you need an English-French interpreter for your negotiations, business meetings, seminars, training courses in Paris or in another French city? If so, please do not hesitate to contact me for a quote.


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  • Which restaurants Emmanuel Macron goes to regularly
  • which beauty salon Brigitte often visits:)
  • How to choose a present from Paris correctly: wine, cheese or foiegras and where to buy
  • Where in the french capital you shouldn’t stay or even go to (and why)
  • What the favorite true french “bobo”‘s week-end destinations are

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