The brands that parisians LOVE this season. Brand discount stores in Paris

The famous French style, one and only… The style icon Ines de Fressange wrote in her book “Parisian Style”: “In the end there’s no rule. It doesn’t matter what you wear, as long as it suits you & as long as you feel pretty.” But, at the same time, in spite of their famous love of combining (sometimes incompatible things, but with what class!), Parisians have THEIR brands.
DO you know the four brands which “Parisiennes” prefer this season? Maybe to your surprise, in everyday life Parisians never wear Chanel, or Dior, or – by no means – YSL or something like this. In 2015 there are three brands, via a combination of clothes from which you’ll always recognise a French taste: Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot. Needless to say, Zadig & Voltaire and Isabel Marant (well, ok Marant – it was mostly in 2014, wasn’it?). And as for the office style, French women prefer « Caroll ». Here are the addresses of stores of these and some other French brands, and, be sure, It’s worthwhile going:
– Maje : 9, rue du Cherche-Midi
– Sandro : 26, rue de Sévigné
– Zadig et Voltaire: 22, rue du Bourg Tibourg
– Kookai : 82 rue Réamur (highly recommended, the range is completed by THIS season’s collection with a shortage of some sizes three times a week !)

This is for brand discount stores. But there is also another way to buy luxury brands in Paris with up to 70% discount – and sometimes even from this season’s collection! There are luxury consignment stores for this purpose (they have nothing to do with the idea of second-hand goods). Even haters of the mere idea of buying anything in “thrift shops” (I’m also one of them) won’t be against getting, for instance, an absolutely new Prada bag for 30% of its recommended retail price. It’s real to have it (I’ve checked it out personally) in Paris at at least two places. A great “insider tip”: a second-hand store – no, not a store, rather a boutique! – “Dépôt-vente de Luxe” (14, rue de la Tour). The depositors at this store are, mostly, fashion models, having worn the clothes generally only once or twice. The most interesting here are bags: Céline, Prada, etc. and light fur coats in perfect condition. You understand that the range differs – you have to be lucky. Another old and well-known (among Parisians) second-hand store is Réciproque (89-101 rue de la Pompe). You’ll never believe me, but there even… Hermes Kelly bags have been seen! But unfortunately, the discount for this kind of product in never more than 30%.
And lastly, just a few words about sales in Paris. If you’re in the right place and at the right time, you can buy, for instance, Chanel shoes for 300 euros instead of 600 (normal in-store price). I’ll tell you all the tips on sales in Paris in one of my next posts. Just remember the date: this year the Summer-2016 season sales start on the 22th June. The same date for online sales, so bear this in mind!