Factory outlets and discount stores of luxury brands in Paris of which tourists are often unaware

Everybody knows that the biggest designer outlet in the Paris region, La Vallée Village, is situated not far away from Paris Disneyland. Here you can buy clothes from a collection of more than 100 brands: Burberry, Celine, Carven, Michael Kors, Tod’s with a discount of up to 60%.

BUT there are a lot of less well-known, smaller but much more interesting stock boutiques in mere Paris! Do you know where Paris women dress? You will meet NO French it girls at Vallée Village! Women in the fashion capital dress in discount stores and factory outlets selling luxury designer clothes of former collections. Parisians buy with no hesitation the 50%-discounted items from last year collections and they’re not afraid to combine them with must-haves of the season. And you?

There are some very different kinds of shops in Paris. If you see a sign-plate «Stock» or «Destockage», here you’ll find some old collections. If a shop’s sign-plate is"Dégriffés", here you’ll find designer clothes with cut labels (stores are obliged to proceed like this by brand).

Addresses? First of all, Parisians like to dress — for your private ear — in a small store on"Boulevard de Grande Marques" (17, rue Lecourbe). Here you’ll find European, mostly Italian, brands like Cerruti, Dolce &Gabbana, Guess, Roberto Cavalli and Armani. Also Parisians like Stoklux (8, Place Vendome). Here you’ll find more up-market brands.

As for discount centres for mid-level brands, I can advise you a chain of stores called"La place de marques«, there are several of them in Paris. Someaddresses: 127, rue de Sevres ; 28, rue du Faubourg du Temple ; 64, avenue d’Italie. Here you can find clothes by Benetton, Kaporal, etc. and discounts can range up to 70%.

In the northern part of Paris there is also a big outlet «UsinesCenter» with a large choice of clothes from previous collections of so Frenchy-Frenchy brands as Сaroll, Gerard Darel, Petit Bateau. Also up to 70 %.

One more luxury discount store, for which you don’t have any information on the English language sites : La Piscine (13, rue Franc Bourgeois ) — it’s in the very heart of Paris’ glamorous fashion quarter — Le Marais. Here you’ll find some good discounts for brands like Valentino, Miu-Miu, Castelbajac.

In my next post — follow me — I’ll tell you about the brands that Parisians prefer this season !