Paris pickpockets

My last post was about where in Paris it is better to choose a hotel or apartment to rent: “Good” and “bad”Paris’ districts .

Talking about good and bad districts, sights and tourists, I should also warn you about another Paris “trademark”: pickpockets.
You’ll meet pickpockets mostly near the Champs Elysées, Montmartre, Notre Dame Cathedral. But all the touristic places: Opera, Lafayette Galery or Printemps, Trocadero, etc. are concerned. For sure, tourists are their favourite victims. Paris hustlers are used to work in pairs. Their favourite tactics: a well-dressed person starts speaking English to you, for instance, asking how to get to some place. While you are answering, his partner works over your pockets or bag. Be careful. Be aware that according to French law children under 13 are not liable to criminal prosecution, so unfortunately teenagers often do this “business” practically with impunity.

Be especially careful with: using your smartphone standing near the RER or subway door, girls with “charity” clipboards to sign, ATM distractions, a Paris trademark: “lost precious ring” that a stranger supposes to be yours… and other well-known common pickpocket’s tactics.